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Exhibitions (short list)

Felt and so on

I love the interplay of light and shadow, of colours, shapes and structures, the possibilities of working with wool as a material, immerging in tasks assigned by myself and emerging again and being mesmerized by the result.

When felting as a craft became popular again at our latitude, it was a sacrilege to use other means but wool, water, soap and one’s own hands for the production of a felt object. When these rules were loosened, the possibilities for the creation of felt objects became immense. I like working at the limits set by my sense of imagination, my skills and the material.

Lately painting, the ‘and so’ in ‘Felt and so on’ is getting more and more important for me. When working with felt it is necessary to proceed systematically, because after a certain moment things cannot be changed anymore. Painting, however, gives me time to let the idea of the picture slowly emerge from the background. My website depicts my career and the topics which have fascinated me through time and which still keep me concerned.

Ursula Suter

Ursula Suter
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