Traces of time

Traces of times 2019
Every life leaves traces in nature, be it fossils or buildings from earlier cultures, to name just two examples. These witnesses of early life forms fill us with respect; let us marvel at their beauty and perfection.
What will be found of our present after thousands of years?

These pictures have two fronts.
Bild 1: 003 and 004
Bild 2: 005 and 006

Material: merino wool, cotton yarn
Dimensions: 53 cm x 79 cm

What does time mean 2018?

These pictures have two fronts.
Bild 1: 010 und 011
Bild 2: 012 und 013
Bild 3: 014 und 015

Material: Merino wool, cotton yarn
Dimensions: 22 cm x 30 cm