Seat Cushions


Chaos strikes structure / structure meets chaos
For some time I was fascinated by the idea of combining felting with braiding.
When felting the fibres condense chaotically, the connection when braiding or weaving follows mathematical rules.
It was nice to learn that these strong contrasts harmonize, unite willingly and preserve their corresponding strengths nevertheless.

The seat cushions are a preliminary work for the two wall hangings “life” and “land and water”.
The goal was to find as many braid patterns in which no more than two lines of the contrasting colour are skipped.
From the basic colours (light / dark) caused by the felting, arise darker or lighter nuances, depending on which colour superimposes the other. Despite this, the contrasts are preserved.

Material ‘pro specie rara wool’
Size approx. 40cm x 40cm
Weight 300 gr