Luminous pieces of art


The luminous objects are a further development of the theme of light and shadow, which is presented under “Gallery, Light and Shadow”.

The individual lights create a warm room atmosphere. In daylight, the character of the object is more strongly focused.

The textile material is felt made from the following kinds of wool:
Piece of art no 1: Schwarznase from Valais (Switzerland)
Piece of art no 2: Merino and silk floss
Piece of art no 3: Merino
Piece of art no 4: Merino mixed with silk floss

Piece of art no 1/2/3: 190 (full length) x 20 x 20 cm
Piece of art no 4: 170 (full length) x 20 x 20 cm

All objects are unique pieces and are handmade from scratch.
If you like further information, please contact me.