Luminous pieces of art

The luminous pieces of art are a further development of the work I did for the exhibition ‘fashioning felt’ in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum New York.

In addition to the original idea to depict light and shadow by using different surface structures, I intended to expand by another dimension, transparency. The individual models create not only light but also a warm atmosphere. In day light, without electric lightening, they take effect as textile pieces of art.

The textile material is felt made from the following kinds of wool:
Piece of art no 1: Schwarznase from Valais (Switzerland)
Piece of art no 2: Merino and silk floss
Piece of art no 3: Merino
Piece of art no 4: Merino mixed with silk floss

Piece of art no 1/2/3: 190 (full length) x 20 x 20 cm
Piece of art no 4: 170 (full length) x 20 x 20 cm

All the piece of art are individually made by hand only.