Hats, caps, accessories 2003-2012

The pointed cap is a multifunctional object. Wound spirally around the head it looks like a turban, laid around the neck it is a scarf, and wrapped around the belly it becomes a warming bandage.
– Material: merino wool, silk threads

Hats to basic geometric shapes and numbers
Triangle (3), square(4), rose hat (5), circle beret shape

The spiral hat
The “spiral hat” developed from the initially headband-sized object.
The tip can be pulled out and shaped according to your mood
– Material: merino wool

Scarf triangles, material: silk chiffon, merino wool
Scarf pleats, material: silk / merino blend
Blue and red scarf, material: silk chiffon, silk / merino blend
Scarf circles, material: silk chiffon, silk / merino blend

Bags with two compartments ‘from the sea’
The pockets open by folding down. The open compartment is equipped with a key fob, the other with a zipper.

The “knot stitch” with which the shoulder strap and other details are embroidered creates a structure that is reminiscent of crustaceans.
-Material: silk / merino wool mixed.

The shimmering pattern of the 3 other bags is reminiscent of light reflections and the transparency of water.
-Material: merino wool

With their pattern, the drum bags take up the theme from my beginnings in felt again. ‘Okapi’ and ‘guinea fowl’
-Material: wool from “Pro Spezie Rara” sheeps