Early Pictures


These first, independent works were created between 1996 and 1999. For a long time, I had been fascinated by the archetypes of circle, square and triangle. That is why they were always the subject and content of the picture.

Dimensions: 80 / 80 cm
Material: card wool

Stitched felt- symbols

In those days I was very moved by the American invasion of Afghanistan. For me it was as if the world was falling apart. With the pictures made of leftovers, scraps from another work, I want to create something whole out of fragments.

Dimensions: 30 / 20 cm
Material : card wool

Rose / Venus:

The idea for the picture was the gradient from red to green

Dimensions . 210 / 50 cm
Materials: merino, silk

Circle / Moon:
material experiment
Dimensions: 115 / 95 cm
Material: Heath sheep, silk