Carpet Object

In a series of felt experiments I did in winter 2008 for my work for the “Fashioning Felt” exhibition at the National Design Museum in New York, I was looking for differently designed structures in felt surfaces on the subject of ‘light and shadow’.

I used the same technique in different ways to make new surface structures visible. This resulted in a small working pattern that did not fit into the series of experiments. A small “gravel pit” for one hand.

This pattern became the starting point for the carpet object. For a year I tied up loosely wound wool fibers in a thin prefelt. A very meditative work. The rhythm of work became visible with increasing size. These rhythms formed images. Lines became patterns, patterns became figures.
The carpet object grew out of the middle. During the work process, an organic, natural form was created. But I deliberately chose the rectangle as the final shape. The clear edge directs attention to the center, to the actual picture.

The visual appeal of cool and hard stones contrasts with the tactile sensation of warm and soft wool and arouses the desire to feel and have a rest on it.

Material: merino wool, silk
Dimensions: approx. 180 cm / 120 cm